Welcome to Bioéthique’s Holistic Spa & Skin Care Centre; a genuine oasis for health and relaxation. 

Bioéthique’s chemical free space combines authentic certified organic skin care treatments as well as safe and effective skin rejuvenation technology that harnesses your body’s healing  mechanisms to achieve youthful, healthy and vibrant skin. Bioéthique is strongly committed to eliminating harmful toxic substances to our bodies, and is proud to offer these luxurious, natural and organic treatments. Who said eliminating toxic chemicals means eliminating lavish pampering?



Established in 2007

At Bioéthique we believe that raw and whole botanical ingredients are the most potent and effective, which is why all of our products are made with the highest quality first cold press oils and plant extracts. Used in the highest concentrations possible, these benefit rich botanical extracts are packed with potent antioxidants and vital nutrients to repair skin damage, reduce the appearance of fine lines and restore a gorgeous youthful glow.

All Bioéthique products must pass stringent environmental standard and quality inspections to ensure that we continue to meet the Certified Organic guidelines set by Nature et Progrès, Europe’s strictest organic certification agency. Our organic certification is our gaurantee to you that what we say is true, and that only the highest quality 100% natural and organic ingredients are used. All Bioethique products are cruelty free, vegan freindly and our entire production facility is powered using renewable green energy.


Meet the Owner: Claudine Michaud

Claudine Michaud, founder and creator of Bioéthique Certified Organic, has spent more than two decades in pursuit of healthy living. When her best friend was struck with cancer more than twenty years ago, Claudine began a course of study into healthy modes of living and discovered the critical importance of avoiding harmful toxins in ones daily environment.

With a deep conviction that beautiful skin and hair should not come at the price of good health, Claudine applied her years of research into creating the line of third party certified organic skin and body care Bioéthique Certified Organic.


Meet Our Staff

Deborah Augier – Esthetician

Deborah is an experienced facialist and proficient in all of our skin rejuvenation therapies. She is a rare and talented gem that brings her healing energy and magic hands to every perfect facial. She loves being a facialist  and is passionate about helping others feel and look better while being true to her commitment to health and the environment.  Her gentle kindness and healing touch come across in every amazing treatment. You’ll leave feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated that you’ll just float out the door!

Kara Beltrano – Esthetician

Kara has spent over 7 years honing her skills as a specialist in facial rejuvenation, and 6 years as a certified laser technician. Kara loves to focus on organic skincare and customizing each treatment to tailor her client’s specific needs. Her goal is to help each individual feel comfortable and confident in their own skin through proper professional treatments and personalized homecare solutions. You’ll love Kara’s deeply restoring facial treatments and leave your session feeling both relaxed and refreshed.